Creative side project - Alter Ego

Side projects keep me engaged. They keep me learning. They keep me challenged.


This series of clown photographs came out of another creative side project - a series of selfies for #foliophoto, an Instagram side project co-led with Christie. For one of my selfies I grabbed some face paint and quickly turned into a clown.

I wanted to develop this idea further and the opportunity came with the latest We Are the Contributors Project - Alter Ego. 


Why a clown? For me it's the contrast between the happy make-up & costume and the person behind the artifice. I wonder how much we know ourselves underneath our daily costumes. Do we really know anyone else who we encounter as we go about our day?


It's also about uniforms - how we change when we put on certain clothes. How we perform our personality in front of our family, friends, coworkers and strangers.


It's about all the many different roles that we play and to what extent we choose them or have them chosen for us.

Sandra Harris We Are the Contributors Project #3 - Alter Ego

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What side projects have you completed lately?