Friday Links

rhubarb chopped on wooden cutting board - Sandra Harris

I'm in the midst of the May whirlwind of social events. Celebrated the man's birthday and our wedding anniversary plus Mother's Day. Also Danielle Krysa's Creative Block book launch in Vancouver. Whew! It's ALL good but it's a lot of celebrating and socializing at once.

Picked up a wicked cold on the way. Thank you modern medicine! Still a miracle. I'm kicking it back old school with a dose of penicillin to smack down strep throat. Next up? Mustard poultice.


Louis on fat girls.

Different vs. the same.


Humor as social commentary.

We ARE the creative class.

Even clowns retire.

180 degrees.

Tim on Anna.

Coffee. NYC.

Speaking in pictures.

Tidying up FB.

Ruining Thomas Kinkade.

Cultural appropriation, much?

How NOT to tweet.

Can't wait to see this!

This weekend it's the Kinfolk Vancouver dinner tonight. Bring on the red plaid and beards. Well, not for me at least. It's a long weekend here in Canada too - three days off my friends! And at the end of next week, while you are reading the NEXT Friday links, I'll be flying to NYC to meet a London pal. We're reconnoitering for the purpose of coffee, museums, galleries, theater, and general hanging out-ness. It will be grand.

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