Friday Links

Number 1A, 1948 Jackson Pollock, MOMA - Sandra Harris. Interested in it's recent restoration? Read and see over here.

As you read this I am on a plane flying to NYC, one of my biannual trips. This time it's without the man and the girl - I'm meeting a pal who is flying in from London. We'll have five days of museums and theater and restaurants and galleries and talking and and and - it'll be grand!

Follow me on Instagram to see what we're up to - and of course I'll be sharing where and what when I'm back. And with my birthday present - a 28mm 1.8 lens I'll be having a blast (of course for me IG is all iPhone, baby).


Everyone gets rejected.

Photoshopped masters.

Burger Chef before and after.

More images!

Rothko rx

Audrey Hepburn beauty tips.

West Wing redux. (via Kristina Nyguyen)

Courage trumps confidence.

Kicked off IG.

NYC green screen style.

Let's get caftan ready!

A creative collaboration.

This weekend in LA the #happyhourclub is featuring my cocktail - a Rhubarb Pimm's Cup. You in the neighborhood? Get over there! At home? Make it there!

I'm working on the photos from the recent Vancouver Kinfolk Gathering and I'll have them ready to show you late next week after I'm back from NYC.

Have a good weekend!