Friday Links

Creative Block by Danielle Krysa

I'm supah excited for next week's Vancouver book launch of Danielle Krysa's book Creative Block at Hot Art Wet City! And so begins a crazy two week period of two birthdays (mine and the man's), our wedding anniversary, mother's day, the ex-mayor's salon, another creative women salon, Danielle's book launch, the Decor8 book event - phew! It's more going out than I'd like at one time but it's ALL events that I can't miss. 

I can be a bit of a hermit so it's good to get out there.


A**-holes all around.

I'm going to see this.

Academic Tim Gunn. (via Tyranny of Style)

He's going to revive it.

I'm going to see him too.

Maybe this will be there.

Two monks, more art.

good food movement.

I love me some clever tweets.

Mad Men fashion.

Sarah and Anna on fashion.

We're STILL looking.

bell hooks on Sandberg.


I sent out my May creativity newsletter last Wednesday, full of inspiration and practical ideas for creatives. I love putting it together each month. It's a different experience than writing here - like a private letter to friends. I think it's the size limit and frequency too that makes it special. Only once a month and only so much space - I do my best to make it worth while for you! (Sign up here).

The weekend - as noted above, out Friday & Saturday nights plus the usual farmers' market-ness (More leeks! More rhubarb!) and a road bike ride with the man and the girl. A few surprises for the man's birthday starting tonight. Can't say more as he reads here too.

See you next week!