Instagram Challenge - it's Wes Anderson!

We're baaaacckkkkk....Christie and I are back with a 7 day instagram challenge that starts on Monday, June 16th.

We LOVE Wes Anderson. And we love his film aesthetic. Soooo.....

A Wes Anderson inspired Instagram challenge!

But you know, even if you don't know his movies, you WILL be able to take part. Each and every prompt describes his visual style AND is doable whether you are a fan or not.

Wes Anderson #foliophoto Instagram Challenge graphic created by Danielle Krysa

Okay, let's explain this a bit. Remember, his cinematic style is only a jumping off point for the prompts. Let them inspire you on Instagram any which way.

1. Symmetry

Symmetry and balance are a big part of Anderson's visual style. Watch the video below for a summary from a variety of his movies that show how he uses symmetry.

2. Nostalgia

His movies are infused with nostalgia. Old-fashioned audio equipment, vintage clothing, camp, families, lack of clarity about exactly when a movie is set - this is his style. More on the nostalgia of Grand Budapest Hotel here. And nostalgia in his other movies.

3. Boat

Wes Anderson infuses objects with meaning in his movies. Boats are one of them. Treehouses are another.

4. Overhead shot

The overhead shot is much loved in still life and food photography - Anderson uses them often in his film.

5. Family

His movies has dysfunctional families while also celebrating their intimacy. Some of his families are biologically related and some are chosen.

6. Saturated

Each film of his has it's own saturated color palette. 

7. Futura font

The Futura typeface is used not only for the credit sequences but also for signage within his movies.

And if you are hungry for more, here's a five minute vimeo about his cinematic style.

Rolling Stone wrote about "Wes World".


Join in, find each other's photos with the tags #foliophoto and #wesandersongrams, "like" and comment. I'll be looking for yours!

See you Monday!