Friday Links

As of 7:47am PST on Saturday, there were 857 images taken over the first six days of the #wesandersongrams #foliophoto Instagram challenge. Christie and I are over the moon! It's been a blast, I tell you, a.blast. Wanna still take part? The prompts are over here.

I still can't believe I was a late adopter of Instagram. I know - makes NO sense at all.

This week in the evening I've watched The Grand Budapest Hotel, The Darjeeling Limited, The Royal Tenenbaums, and Moonrise Kingdom. Tonight it'll be The Life Aquatic. So.much.inspiration. And even if you don't take part, look through the hashtag #wesandersongrams to see what everyone has created. Amazing...


How to respond to criticism.

OITNB meets L&O.

OITNB charted.

OITNB costume design.

De-stress en français.

It's the process!


Haters gonna hate AND might do well.

One small question.

The ultimate side project.

And another one.

Twitter writing projects.

He's always doing something.

Collaborations are always fun! (I'm in there too)

And if you missed it, my June creativity newsletter

A lot of things going on this weekend between charity runs and gymnastics year end shows and going to see the touring group for Wicked. Friends over for a bbq tonight too. Meeting Cheryl for coffee later today (she's visiting from California). Remember when having "internet" friends was an oddity?

I've been squirreling away some books to read over the summer - do you have any recommendations? What have you been reading that you've loved? 

Til Monday.