New York City Trip - Walking Around

Of course NYC is about museums and theater and galleries and restaurants - but it's also about being out and about. One of my favorite things to do when I'm in NYC is to get out and walk. Just walk. Soak up the energy and the creativity and the inspiration. Talk to people.

Hear the sounds, smell the smells (and yes, some are on the whiffy side, especially in the summer), and feel the pavement under my feet. 

Get those comfy walking shoes on and let's go.

First up, the Brooklyn Flea. I met Sheri Silver there this year and last (that first visit will FOREVER live in our memories since it was 8,000 degrees above. July in NYC - it's hot. At a flea on asphalt? Multiply by 10). (Another aside - all hail social media for making friends online who share your interests and values!).

She was so welcoming to my London friend too.

To get to the flea I took the East River Ferry from the 34th Street terminal. Do this - it stops at a number of places in Brooklyn and also Governor's Island. You'll have lovely views and you're on the water.

If you're at the flea, you MUST stop at People's Pops for a popsicle or shave ice. And then an iced coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Company. I have to do a post on NYC coffee alone - some of THE best pulled shots that I've ever had anywhere. 

Jumped back on the ferry again and got off at Dumbo, under the Brooklyn Bridge. Wandered around, slurped up a latte and downed a bottle of water. Below is an Instagram shot from the ferry - that's the type of view you'll have from the water.

Rather than getting back on the ferry, I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge back into Manhattan. It was a little crowded as it was Memorial Day weekend but not too crazy.

When I got to the other side I was hungry AND thirsty. I stopped in at BBar at 4th & Bowery for a late brunch. Great food, drinks & atmosphere. Zoomed up to Strand Books afterwards.

Another place to walk around is the Highline, one of THE best outdoor spaces in NYC. Who knew you could make an amazing public space out of an elevated railway? THAT is what makes a great city - many public spaces for people to mix and interact.

At the end of the Highline we wandered about in the Meatpacking District and found some sailors (it was Fleet Week). Just a photo op - don't get excited...

Another walk that I enjoy is 5th Avenue starting in the 50's and going all the way down to Washington Square Park in the Village. Not all of it's THE best sightseeing but it'll give you a feel for the city.

One of my "fall back" restaurants is Lupa on Thompson St. We started going there when the girl was a few years old - it's a neighborhood place and not only welcoming, it has excellent pasta.

If I have time, I'll walk across Central Park rather than cabbing it over. Give yourself some time because it's easy to get a bit turned around once you no longer can see the skyscrapers for orientation.

If the Highline was a great idea, Central Park was a genius one. You're in a city of millions, it's busy and yet you can escape to Central Park. It's a park that is well used and well loved, yet not over-crowded.

You can see why I recommended the comfortable shoes.