Friday Links

New York Historical Society, Bill Cunningham Exhibit 

Last week I went to Poppytalk's first craft party in her new shop. It's a lovely space full of her fave items - she has such great taste. We were there for a craft party and embroidered vintage photos while drinking lemonade and munching on yummy doughnuts made by Lyndsay of Cococakeland.

Although I've been here almost three years and last year hosted 4 Salon evenings with the intent of meeting people, I still feel like a newcomer. It's a pleasure to start to go to events like Poppytalk's crafty party and start to see some of the same people. Step by step, eh?


Books AND OITNB - heaven.

In case you haven't started the binge.

I've been getting lost over here.

Women ignoring men.

Red carpet isn't real.

Bookstores of NYC

Details matter.

The power of art (supplies).

Can't WAIT to see this! Read the novels first (both prize winners!).

Stay literature. For all creatives.

The snelfie.

Jerry Saltz speaks.

Systems vs. Goals. Systems win.

Ze weekend - the girl performs in a play, we're seeing some friends for a bbq and then there is Father's Day on Sunday. The girl & I have a few surprises cooked up for the man. He's a great dad - with no family really left here and none when we lived in Toronto we've had to be as interchangeable as possible on the parenting front. We're each other's fallback. Well done my friend, well done. The girl is pretty lucky.

Next week? Been missing our #foliophoto Instagram challenge? On Monday Christie and I are hosting the next one and it's ALL about Wes Anderson!!!!! Did you see the Grand Budapest Hotel???!!! Join in even if you don't know his movies - each of the 7 prompts is part of his unique style.

Do it!