Annual summer online hiatus

I've been wrestling with what to write and I've been making it MUCH bigger than I need it to be. Just feeling without words a bit. You know how it is - that pressure we put on ourselves to write.something.amazing. But then like magic, it hit me. 

I read this about redefining success. Then I had a spontaneous conversation with a local artist (Ariane) and one in New York state (Leslie) about marketing our work. I thought about how much fun I had with the latest #foliophoto Instagram project (the Wes Anderson one) and all the new artists & photographers that I met. I thought about my monthly creative newsletter and now much I enjoy the challenge of writing something useful in a small size for a group of subscribers. Finally, I thought about creating the above poster for Gallery Tally, an international art project that I never would have known about without my online life.

My online creative community is a huge inspiration.

I don't comment as much as I used to and I could interact more on twitter (Instagram is my fave right now) but I DO read your work. I DO see what you are doing. And I want you to know that you inspire me. You encourage me. Sometimes I'm envious too but that's okay. It's a kick in the butt to get going and get making.

But despite all of that, I need my summer hiatus.

It's July 1st and the girl has been out of school for almost a week now. She's off til early September (grade 4 - time flies and all that). There are a few day camps here and there but it's really family time for the summer. The man is taking time off too - not the whole time (it's Canada with more vacation time but not THAT much more. Unfortunately we're not France!).

In other words, like last summer, I'll be slowing down, REALLY slowing down my online presence for the rest of the summer. For most of July probably nothing. Maybe a bit in August - I'll see how it goes. See how I feel..

What will I be doing instead? Swimming, spinning, hiking. Waterskiing & wake boarding. Cooking, grilling and reading some books. Sleeping in. Watching a movie or two. Playing board games & card games. Drinking lots of coffee. Writing in my journal. Doing some crafts.

Lots and lots of time with the man and the girl and friends.

Success for me includes making lots of good summer memories. Just for us. Just for me.

Have a wonderful summer! I'll be around on social media here and there and back in full force later this summer.