Wes Anderson Foliophoto Instagram Project

How I love instagram! And how I love even MORE collaborating with Christie of Bedsidesign on our every-once-in-a-while instagram projects. We're returning to a fave this time - another Wes Anderson themed weeklong project. We did it a year ago and we're doing it again.

You know how to do it, right? Each day for 7 days starting Monday, July 20th has a prompt. Take a photo inspired by that prompt and tag it with #foliophoto. Please post at the earliest at 6pm the previous evening. Miss a day? No worries - jump on in and continue. 

We'll all look and gawk and like and comment and be inspired by each other's photos. 

No product or self-promotion please - this is the place to connect and be inspired, not to sell. It's all about fun and community and creativity. I've met SO many talented people during the various instagram challenges that we've hosted.

So are we going to see you on Monday?