August Break - NYC

You never know who you'll see walking down 5th Avenue in NYC. Saw this guy at the end of June and lo and behold, saw him again in August in another 'hood when I was back for ALTNYC. Everybody's making their mark in the Big Apple. HE'S even inspiring.

I suppose TECHNICALLY this should be the LAST August Break post (still time for you to take part at least ONCE) but I don't feel like summer is REALLY over til the girl is in grade 2. That'll be next Wednesday at 8:25am sharp.

In between now and then it's a long weekend with another trip to the fair (pig races seen, more rollercoasters on order). And coffee with the Ravenna Girls (huzzah for bloggers getting together in the meat world). A hike or two, some biking on the seawall with the girl and her new bike. The usual weekend-y activities around here.

Add in more than a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. Started it last night. If it wasn't for the girl, we'd be watching it non-stop all weekend long. I suppose that makes here our Breaking Bad sponsor.

And just in case you don't believe me about the pig races, here you go.

August Break - Love Letter to...

While at the Junction Flea Market a few weeks ago I came across this lovely idea - a love letter to Toronto. A tiny table with markers and paper and glue and scissors and all sorts of paper. Washi tape too. Of course - how could you NOT have washi tape?

The woman provides a blank card that you decorate and write your love letter to Toronto. But here's the best part. After you put it in an envelope (and she takes a photo for her blog), you hide it somewhere in the city for someone else to find. 

And did I tell you that it's free? Love the community art project.

[As the days of August count down, this is one of the last August Breaks too. Want to join in?]

August Break - ALT NYC

I am off to ALT NYC in about an hour. Gotta leave early when you live on the west coast. Taking a larger suitcase than I need because I know that there will be a bit of shopping involved. And of course some theater and museums. Walking, lots of walking. Taking the camera and maybe I'll be inspired to try this.

I'll be tweeting from Martha Stewart's headquarters (yes, that's where this Alt thingy is happening!). 

(And join me in Susannah Conway's August Break, okay?)

See you next week my pals.

August Break - 3 Billy Goats Gruff

When you are at the cottage you make your own entertainment. For us it's a puppet show version of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. Not Tony Award winning material but what we lose in production values we make up for in enthusiasm. And for new readers, a sneaky summer way to work on reading and writing while creating the script.

Get out your camera and join in on Susannah Conway's August Break. Keep a hand in the blog while recharging a bit. Let's return in September raring to go, okay?

PS I am off to ALTNYC tomorrow morning! I even had an ALTNYC dream - I was there at Martha's head office and lost my shoes. Had no money either. Ended up stealing someone else's shoes. Don't tell Martha, okay?

August Break - Lake Cottage

Stoney Lake Ontario cottage

A peek at the cottage that we stayed at for two.entire.weeks this month. Take one.deep.breath in. Now let it out, slowly...

An island. In a large lake in the Canadian Shield. Living in our bathings suits. Waterskiing and wakeboarding. Books. S'mores. Outdoor shower. The sound of the loons.

We'll be back next year. I can NOT have a summer without a cottage. I'd live in a box and eat peanut butter sandwiches before I'd give up cottaging.

[My old cottage. And cottaging in general.]

Want to take part in the August Break? Read about it over here.

August Break - NYC

NYC cab New York CityAugust Break 2012Hey pals - this is the girl and I in late June in NYC. She is an expert hailer of cabs. Love that she is "free range" at a rustic cottage AND all over the big city too. A girl after my own heart.

Speaking of NYC, I'm off next Wednesday for ALTNYC! And it's at the MSLO offices in Chelsea - mecca for all things entrepreneurial and aspirational lifestyle. Love her or not, Martha knows how to build an empire - and it's based on designing, manufacturing and selling goods. Anyone can do a sleight of hand with ideas or images - try trading if you want a REAL challenge!

I get to see Jen of Classic Play and Giulia of Fishly News and Jess of Curating Style. Plus many others. That'll be me with the ziploc bag of business cards. I'm all classy like that.

Now for this weekend - picking up a friend from London from the ferry for a visit, a little Friday night dinner, some beach time and lots of biking. How about you? Oh, and I think season 2 of Boss starts tonight!

See you next week.

August Break

I'm back. In town. Home from the cottage where we spent two GLORIOUS weeks where the day's schedule consisted of wake up, breakfast, sunblock, waterski/wakeboard, swim, hang out, lunch, hang out, supper, bed. Love the simple life. Outdoor shower. Living in flipflops and bathing suits. Lots of fresh fruit and veg and bbq-ing too. No clocks, no deadlines, no to do's but have fun.

We were on an island in the middle of a huge lake about two hours north of Toronto. I'll tell you more about it later but what I DID want to tell you is that I'm NOT ready for summer to be over. I have friends to see, the girl and the man to hang out with (we are going through serious withdrawal after three weeks together non-stop!). Lots of yoga and swimming and hiking and reading and biking too.

So I'm taking part in Susannah Conway's August Break.

It's MORE summer break - just post a photo or two or three. Whenever you want. No pressure. Nothing more til after the September long weekend.

There's a flickr group. And a blog roll too. 

Join in - and let's come back all refreshed and energized and inspired.