Friday Links - the Emmy Edition

Washington Square Park NYC Chess players

(Washington Square Park, NYC)

Hey, it's another weekend! How was your week? It's been SURPRISINGLY sunny for days on end here on the west coast. I DO realise that'll be the jinx that brings the 10 months of rain. 

Know where I'll be Sunday night? Actually, that'd be Sunday AFTERNOON since it starts at 5pm Pacific Time. Yup, parked in front of the tv with some snacks and wine and the Emmys! It's all about the advertising and promotion of various shows but I still like to watch. And with all the cable show nominees, I'll actually have HEARD of a bunch of the nominees.

Lets get started.

Mandy Patinkin and Homeland. Saw him onstage with Patti Lupone. Smooches. That is all. 

Parker Posey coaches actors on their Emmy acceptance speeches.

Who will win and who should win.

Spoiler to myself: I can't even watch this yet - I'm not onto season 4 yet! 

And 'cause I'm in the midst of my "catch up" Breaking Bad marathon, 5 reasons to watch.

I'm long past the need for flirting skills but if I did, here's how to do it in a bookstore.

Wanna get more happy in your life? Erin of Art Social has a weekly Thursday link up. She is on FIRE with all sorts of ideas and collaborations. Join in and add your two cents.

And for your creative process, how Obama gets things done.

Yes, the weekend. I'll be putting on my best soccer mom outfit and watching the girl play her first game of the season. We like to think and watch and talk about art and entertainment and creativity over here but we also like to be active. Get that heart pumping. An art opening with the man Saturday night (that we MIGHT trade in for a yoga class and a few drinks instead). <--- if I was a betting man, I'd put my money on this. More Breaking Bad. Always that until we are caught up.

How about you?

August Break - NYC

You never know who you'll see walking down 5th Avenue in NYC. Saw this guy at the end of June and lo and behold, saw him again in August in another 'hood when I was back for ALTNYC. Everybody's making their mark in the Big Apple. HE'S even inspiring.

I suppose TECHNICALLY this should be the LAST August Break post (still time for you to take part at least ONCE) but I don't feel like summer is REALLY over til the girl is in grade 2. That'll be next Wednesday at 8:25am sharp.

In between now and then it's a long weekend with another trip to the fair (pig races seen, more rollercoasters on order). And coffee with the Ravenna Girls (huzzah for bloggers getting together in the meat world). A hike or two, some biking on the seawall with the girl and her new bike. The usual weekend-y activities around here.

Add in more than a couple of episodes of Breaking Bad. Started it last night. If it wasn't for the girl, we'd be watching it non-stop all weekend long. I suppose that makes here our Breaking Bad sponsor.

And just in case you don't believe me about the pig races, here you go.