Where We Create - Meet Anna of Canoe Design

Anna of Canoe Design is a charming Canadian interior designer who is a recent transplant to Manhattan via London. 
You know how as a blogger you are meant to be distinctively "you" and create a brand? Anna has done that in spades. She has a unique take on design and travel with beautiful photos to illustrate her thoughts.
One of her weekly columns is Furniture Fridays where she has a guest speak about their favourite piece of furniture. 
(photo of Anna and Lina the greyhound courtesy of Nikki Leigh McKean)
And of course me being a fan of NYC, she has a bunch of posts of her discoveries as learns about her new home.
Let's take a look and find out where she creates...
This is my home office/our dining room and it is where I sit and do most of my writing for Canoe Design. When we moved to New York we purchased a couple of Eames DAW chairs and I can’t love them enough – with a sheepskin cushion to make them even more comfortable it is a perfect place to be inspired.  I love having full bookshelves at my fingertips as the internet is great for ideas, but I love using all my design books to get my creativity going! 

What time of day do you do your work and why?

I tend to put my posts together in the evening - after dinner! Now that I am working full time I find that this is really the only time I have for me. Throughout the day I often send myself email about thoughts and ideas I could blog about, but they really only come to fruition once I sit down and get into my groove.

What's your go-to snack when you are feeling peckish?

I enjoy savory snacks much more than sweet (although, don't get me wrong I do love candy), so when I am feeling peckish I tend to go for olives or pickles.  We always have a few different kinds in the fridge and for me they are the perfect midnight snack!

When you are procrastinating, what do you do?

I procrastinate a lot! Twitter, Bloglovin’, Pinterest are my weaknesses to name a few! I like to think that it isn’t really procrastinating but rather finding more inspiration and fellow social media enthusiasts to connect with. 

Something else that I appreciate about Anna is that she has been a window to some new-to-me bloggers in the creative/design realm. Sometimes it seems like we are all reading the same things and looking at the same images. Having lived and worked in London for four years she has that European flair that comes through in her blog. She has a fresh take on design and a wonderful way of describing it.

Don't forget to check out her before and afters from her London apartment - love seeing how designers successfully tackle a small footprint.