Where to go in LA - the rest of it

I already wrote of my recent LA trip - the part where we visited LACMA. We also played and ate and shopped and slept. And here is where we did it.

Of course visiting with a six year old your first stop is going to be Disneyland. We visited Disneyworld when the girl was 4 1/2 and it was the perfect time for someone completely into princesses. And the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique where the girl was transformed into Snow White. Think 40C (100F) in a polyester princess costume, make up and hair style. She was a trooper and spent the entire day dressed up. That's my girl!

This time she was over the princesses and more into the rides - as long as they weren't dark or scary. Indiana Jones was a bit of a mistake. And the closest she got to the haunted mansion was waiting for the man by the exit. When you have a huge imagination, that's what you avoid for the time being. It's all too real.

The teacups and cars were a huge hit.  And the Tiki Room is a lovely throw back to sixties kitsch with animatronic birds singing about Hawaii. The flying chairs deserved three visits.

After Disney we zoomed over to Santa Monica where we stayed at the Hotel Shangri-La. It's right on the beach and the perfect starting point to explore LA. All art deco inside and out.

We ate at the Blue Plate Oysterette, a short walk away. And the Huckleberry Cafe. It was sooo yummy, we went there twice. I cannot oversell the food - it was amazing. On our second visit we were seated by director Paul Haggis. His breakfast mate was making a huge effort to sell him on some movie ideas but he wasn't buying. Don't you find it inspiring to be in a cafe surrounded by creative people?

Another great restaurant was the Thyme Cafe. We hit there twice too. Also incredible food and stunning service. It is such a pleasure to eat at a place with great food and great service. 

We hung out in Silverlake and visited the Mohawk General Store. Not a huge shop but well curated with many original to them items. And Modernica for mid-century modern furniture. They had for sale the same patio furniture that was on display at LACMA in their California mid-century modern exhibit. Also great service.

We only had a few days and ran out of time. I picked up some props on sale for tabletop photography and then it was time to pack up to go home. We barely scratched the surface of Santa Monica and Venice let alone anywhere else in LA. More on our next visit.

There are a lot of stereotypes about LA but like any large city, there are many different LA's. You find what you look for, what you are drawn to. For us it's good food and fun and bookstores and museums and architecture.

What do you look for when you visit a new city?