Friday links

Restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC

It's been a hectic week but a good one. Shorter because of Canadian Thanksgiving last Monday. Hectic because I started BYW Boot Camp taught by Holly Becker of Decor8. We're all about upping our game and keeping the skills sharp over here. Writing a little better, photographing a little better too.

Let's go.

A Victorian take on the tv show the Wire.

Audrey Hepburn had STYLE.

Car-poolers. In Mexico. By photographer Alejandro Cartegena.

I want to see this documentary about mid-century modern architectural photographer Julius Shulman

The Hollywood sign through the years.

Blair Waldorf on the end of Gossip Girl. Sniff. I'll need to find a new trashy tv show. Preferably set in NYC.

One of my fave films from TIFF2011 - Japanese anime Up From Poppy Hill written by Hayao Miyazaki (author of Spirited Away) - is being voiced in English!

Next week I have another post in my series Photographers Who Inspire. I'm REALLY excited about this one! And stay tuned for a post TOMORROW on Saturday - yes, you read that right - Saturday. Don't get used to it, we need our weekend break.

Speaking of this weekend...Friday night dinner with the family. A little farmers' market action on Saturday while it's still outdoors (the Pacific Northwest rain is almost here - break out the rainboots). Halloween is coming and I have the raw materials to make the girl's costume. And I have some more crocheting to do for the old yarn bombing in the front yard. The next door neighbours want in on the action too. Throw in a little yoga and a LOT of coffee and we're set. How about you?