Friday links - the Hurricane Sandy edition

Wrought iron in the window of the restaurant Babbo in NYC.

It's been quite a week for our friends and family in the northeast US. As I write this many are still waiting for power to be restored. Again I am reminded of the grit and determination and resilience of New Yorkers and everyone in the region. Wish that I could be there to help.

For what it's worth, here are my Friday links for this incredible and frightening week. Many Sandy-related and a few others thrown in for good measure. 

Scenes from the Lower East Side post Sandy. 

History of social media, people!

How Chelsea artists and galleries are coping 3 days after Sandy.

Magnum weather photographs.

I've always been a Bond girl too. (Skyfall opens November 9th - Javier Bardem is the villain. He's no Mads Mikkelsen but I'll take him).

Elmo helps kids make sense of Sandy. 

And the masterful Schmutzie tells us to stop resisting.

Weekend plans? The man has a work-y dinner party Saturday night so I'll be putting on some fancier clothes and dusting off the cocktail party banter. And in the more mundane, packing up the Halloween decorations that survived the Pacific Northwest non-stop rains and throwing out the carved pumpkins that are now a little polka-dotted with mold and surrounded by a few fruit flies. Stylish, right? 

And before I go, you MUST watch Call the Midwife on PBS. It's what Downton Abbey should have been. At least season 2.