Friday Arts and Leisure Links


What's making you jump for joy lately? For me it's mohitos with the freshest mint, peaches in anything and everything, and sunsets at the lake. Also swimming with the girl.

Now to this week's links... 

Inspiring interviews with creatives who struggle to make a living doing what they love.

I was thrilled this week to be a guest for Design Mom's Living With Kids series.

Going to Maui? Here are some lovely photos and recommendations from Pinecone Camp.

Mel Brooks loves his Tony more than his Oscar. I'd take either.

Thoughts about inspiration vs. work ethic from Jack White.


What would you take if your house was burning down?

And this week's advice for creatives: is your goal-making getting in the way? 

Giving you the heads up that I am taking next week off and will be back Monday, August 13th. (Yes, of COURSE I'll miss you!). If you have a moment, dig around the archives and get inspired. You know, talking about creativity, tidying up your blog with some blog hygiene, and the yummy goodness that are all the Friday arts & leisure links. See you next week!