Friday Arts and Leisure Links

Summertime is in full swing and over here we are taking it a bit more slowly. The girl is done with camp for a few weeks so it's "Camp Us". We'll be hanging out and doing all sorts of fun summer stuff. I KNOW we'll be doing a lot of these fab arts & craft ideas at Classic Play!
Now for this week's linkety loveliness And me too of course! I'm here watching and reading and taking notes with you.
Even though Abe Vigoda is still alive, Sherman Helmsley died this week. Star of the Jeffersons, the tv show that taught me my preliminary understanding of NYC geography from my little house on the Canadian prairies. "Hmmmm....if the 'east side' is something that you 'move on up' to, then the east side must be prestigious". 
Chris Gilmour sculpts using the most basic material - cardboard. Check out the "work in progress" to see how he does it.
The Art of Logo Design by PBS via Brain Pickings. 
1970's game show Match Game, the source of all game show-ness that is good. 
I wanna see THIS in NYC!
Draw like you've never been taught.
And the creative tip for the week - how to stay focused and motivated.
We're taking a few days off - the blog posts will still keep coming (I can't NOT have something for you!). But I'll be a bit spotty on the social media side of things. 
Think of me swimming and reading and relaxing and hanging out with the man and the girl and friends and family. I'll be back full on soon all rested and inspired and ready to hit the ground running.
Now you take some time to recharge too, okay?