Friday Salon

By the time you read this...I'd better start again - it sounds like a farewell letter. Well, by the time you DO read this, I'm either getting ready to lead my roundtable or I've finished. Either way, I'm at Alt Summit having a great time. I'll have met a zillion people and STILL will go home not having spoken to everyone that I had hoped to meet. Come find me if you haven't yet, okay?

If you aren't at Alt, read this.

Do you listen to Design Matters? Here's Debbie Millman on the other side of the desk.

THE best arty movies at Sundance 2013. I'll snag as many as I can at TIFF in September.

I'm not here either.

Alec Baldwin interviewed Lena Dunham last Monday for his radio show "Here's the Thing". (audio >43 minutes - grab your coffee)


Non-experts have something to say.

Portlandia and nerd-dom.

Prop Joe died.

This weekend? Tonight are the mini parties. Last year I clung to the walls and hid out in the corners a bit. This year I'll be doing quite a bit more talking and laughing and hanging out. Funny how that works when you actually KNOW some people at a conference! Tomorrow is design camp. I THINK I signed up for Illustrator but I might sneak in to some of the photography sessions. Dreaming of some video learning.

Sunday I fly home to the yummy arms of the man and the girl. It's good to be away 100% focused on creative stuffs and old friends and new but there's nothing like coming home to my family. Smooch!

See you next week! I'll decompress and start sharing some of what I learned.