Friday Links - the Funk Edition

daisy flower 50mm prime lens
It's been all 70's this week over here. At least musically. So in honour of my love for all things post Mad Men, here are some 70's links for you along with the best of the best arty/creative-y that I found just for you. 
I could NOT go without throwing in a little Rufus (before they were Rufus AND Chaka Khan) from a 1974 concert in Central Park. They were NEW then! Yup, somehow I LOVED funk growing up on the prairies. The leather hat on the rhythm guitar player and the natural on Chaka Khan are fab. And an intro by Bob Hope too! Just like on Mad Men, generations collide.
Since Mad Men is now over (for now, calm down), here are some linkity links for you:
For some visual inspiration take a look at this minimalist blog. Aren't the photos stunning? Bravo...
Did you know that old men like Girls? No, not that way. Are you watching it?
With the show at MOMA now over (sniff), one more look at the Cindy Sherman retrospective here.
Ever read Art & Fear? It's on my bookshelf. Here's a lovely summary that will whet your appetite. I've been thinking about it a lot after our talk about bloggy/arty jealousy this past week. Think of it as an antidote for when that envy crops up.
After seeing him at the Queen's Jubilee Concert this week and hearing him at my fave coffee place here in Vancouver (49th Parallel on Main), I am ALL about Stevie Wonder. Love this 1973 studio version of Stevie Wonder's Superstition. A little slower tempo makes it that much MORE funkalicious.
So the weekend...thinking it'll be on the lowkey side. I've been busy getting organized, the man's been busy and hanging out with him and our girl is all that I'm after. Sunday is Father's Day and we've got a few things planned. How about you?