Microbrew and The Killing

In keeping with the Mad Men premiere, I couldn't avoid celebrating the premiere of season 2 of the Killing as well. Drinks-wise, it was a microbrew - I know it's only a Pyramid Ale but speak to the liquor control board here about importing more PNW beer.

For food - that wasn't so straightforward. With a tip of the hat to Twin Peaks, I threw in some cherry pie (still get shivers thinking about Bob...).

If you didn't see season 1 or cannot remember what happened, here's a quick recap. You may recognize Mireille Enos, the star of the Killing who played twins JoDean Marquart and Kathy Marquart on Big Love.


There aren't the same design elements to be sliced and diced and analysed like with Mad Men but the Killing does a tremendous job at capturing the rainy, cold, bleak winter in the Pacific Northwest. Clothing? Well, put aside any comparisons to the fab 60's fashions of Mad Men. Think rain gear and fleece.

Did you watch the season 2 premiere? What did you think?