Friday Salon

By the time you read this...I'd better start again - it sounds like a farewell letter. Well, by the time you DO read this, I'm either getting ready to lead my roundtable or I've finished. Either way, I'm at Alt Summit having a great time. I'll have met a zillion people and STILL will go home not having spoken to everyone that I had hoped to meet. Come find me if you haven't yet, okay?

If you aren't at Alt, read this.

Do you listen to Design Matters? Here's Debbie Millman on the other side of the desk.

THE best arty movies at Sundance 2013. I'll snag as many as I can at TIFF in September.

I'm not here either.

Alec Baldwin interviewed Lena Dunham last Monday for his radio show "Here's the Thing". (audio >43 minutes - grab your coffee)


Non-experts have something to say.

Portlandia and nerd-dom.

Prop Joe died.

This weekend? Tonight are the mini parties. Last year I clung to the walls and hid out in the corners a bit. This year I'll be doing quite a bit more talking and laughing and hanging out. Funny how that works when you actually KNOW some people at a conference! Tomorrow is design camp. I THINK I signed up for Illustrator but I might sneak in to some of the photography sessions. Dreaming of some video learning.

Sunday I fly home to the yummy arms of the man and the girl. It's good to be away 100% focused on creative stuffs and old friends and new but there's nothing like coming home to my family. Smooch!

See you next week! I'll decompress and start sharing some of what I learned.

Friday links

Restaurant in Greenwich Village, NYC

It's been a hectic week but a good one. Shorter because of Canadian Thanksgiving last Monday. Hectic because I started BYW Boot Camp taught by Holly Becker of Decor8. We're all about upping our game and keeping the skills sharp over here. Writing a little better, photographing a little better too.

Let's go.

A Victorian take on the tv show the Wire.

Audrey Hepburn had STYLE.

Car-poolers. In Mexico. By photographer Alejandro Cartegena.

I want to see this documentary about mid-century modern architectural photographer Julius Shulman

The Hollywood sign through the years.

Blair Waldorf on the end of Gossip Girl. Sniff. I'll need to find a new trashy tv show. Preferably set in NYC.

One of my fave films from TIFF2011 - Japanese anime Up From Poppy Hill written by Hayao Miyazaki (author of Spirited Away) - is being voiced in English!

Next week I have another post in my series Photographers Who Inspire. I'm REALLY excited about this one! And stay tuned for a post TOMORROW on Saturday - yes, you read that right - Saturday. Don't get used to it, we need our weekend break.

Speaking of this weekend...Friday night dinner with the family. A little farmers' market action on Saturday while it's still outdoors (the Pacific Northwest rain is almost here - break out the rainboots). Halloween is coming and I have the raw materials to make the girl's costume. And I have some more crocheting to do for the old yarn bombing in the front yard. The next door neighbours want in on the action too. Throw in a little yoga and a LOT of coffee and we're set. How about you?

Friday links!

penguin bath toys

I am the proud owner of a new lens - a 50mm prime and have been playing this week. These are the last bath toys to live in the bathroom here. The girl used to play with them all the time - they've had many an adventure during bathtime. Now that she is older they haven't seen much play for a while but I can't pack them away. Not yet.

Poor Lane Pryce. Great article about Jared Harris, the man behind him. And a Q&A about his character's recent "events" (spoiler alert for those who are not yet in season five - Melanie at Inward Facing Girl, that's you)..

This Sunday it's the TONY AWARDS. Emceed by Neil Patrick Harris. Thought I'd just say that OUT LOUD. But I'll have to tape it 'cause the neighbours are having a street bbq that same evening. You see, they obviously don't know it's the TONY AWARDS. Click on each nominee here to watch an excerpt of their performance. 

(PS They also don't know that it's the finale of MAD MEN too). <-----think I need to get a life??

And some nostalgia for you - remember the game show Match Game? Here's Charles Nelson Reilly on Carson, the 70's version of 15 minutes of fame.

Oliver Jeffers collages. I could make collages all day long. Love the layering and the mixed media and the cutting and gluing and stitching and get the idea.

If you ever watched the Wire, here's a MUSICAL version with many of the same actors. Omar! It's all in the game. 


What's up this weekend with you? 
Next week I'll be back with the second installment of Talking About Creativity with Jen at Classic Play. The first one on copying vs. inspiration is over here. And I think I'm cooking too so more photos and recipes. See you Monday!