Learning to take some photographs

One of the lovely things about starting this blog is that it involves a bit of a commitment to you, and to me, to create posts. And part of that is taking photos to illustrate my writing. I love it. I really do.

I have an iPhone that I take lots of photos with - add in Camera+ (just downloaded and in the hopper for me to start playing with) and Instagram and you have instant visual fun. So easy and convenient.

I also have a husband with a passion for photography. It isn't his day job but it IS his passion. For years I have seen him with his DSLR taking all sorts of photos. He has even had a few shows here and there of his photographs. But it has only been since I started this blog that I have taken some baby steps into learning myself how to use it. And luckily he generously lent me his camera. I promise that I am taking good care of it!

Since he is so experienced and since it probably isn't the greatest idea to have your spouse teach you something and since he is a busy guy, I thought that I would take an intro course. I am in the midst of a four week online course and it is fabulous. I highly recommend it.

Just enough information to get me started but not so much to overwhelm me. The instructor Nicole (you may know her from her blog A Little Sussy) has set up a great software package where you upload your homework each week and get useful feedback on each of your photos. The notes are comprehensive and informative - I know I will be referring back to them time and time again. And it's great seeing what your classmates are doing - that's inspiring too! 

Do you take photos with your iPhone or a DSLR? How did you learn? What do you like to take pictures of?