I am off to TIFF - Toronto International Film Festival

Am I ever at home? Between Hawaii and ALT Summit and LA and NYC and the cottage and visiting the folks and ALTNYC I have been the queen of travel this year. Craziness!

And now it's time for TIFF - the Toronto International Film Festival.

It's my favourite time of year. I won't go into the administrivia and strategizing involved from late June when the ticket packages went on sale to late August when the catalogue of films was delivered by courier to my home to the festival itself in September but let's just say that I am REALLY excited to be doing this.

I'll be seeing 19 movies in 4 1/2 days. Yup. Gotta squeeze 'em in. Lots of Scandinavian flicks. Fave Danish director Susanne Bier and Danish actress Paprika Steen (Inward Facing Girl, she was in Celebration) plus Czech director Jan Hrebejk

Leaving Thursday and coming home Tuesday. A little bitter that I won't see my boyfriend Colin Firth but what can you do. (I REALLY don't have to link to Colin Firth, right?).

That'll be me with the backpack and the bottled water and the trail mix rushing between theaters all over Toronto. With comfortable shoes of course. And sitting on the left side near the front of the theater - always that spot.

Did I tell you that I love this? Smooches to TIFF - you are THE best film festival anywhere with THE best film audiences. Go read Dor Dotson's charming blog to find out why.

For those of you also going, what are you seeing? And if you aren't going, ever been to a film festival? Ever watch a foreign film? Why or why not? Need some recommendations to get started? Something accessible to dip your toes in the waters of foreign film?