A weekend of celebrating

Did you have a lovely weekend? I did. It was a bit of a dogpile of events - in our house we have a month of birthdays (mine and the man's), a wedding anniversary and Mother's Day. Take out my birthday and you have three in one weekend, this past weekend.

The girl made the sweetest card. I know that I already told you that I love six - six years old is THE best age. You know, until she hits seven. Then it'll be seven. Every age is the best til the next one.

She was so serious about celebrating Mother's Day. When you are six celebrations are a BIG deal. Important. The card. The homemade balloon bouquet. Coffee and banana bread in bed with the Sunday New York Times. Telling the man to make sure that my favourite sections were there. (That'd be Style first, then Arts & Leisure followed up by the Book Review and the SNYT Magazine) <---- creature of habit

Gift certificate for yoga gear (the lululemons are definitely past their prime) and even better, an art consultant to help me pick out some art. 

The man got balloons for his birthday on Saturday. And a chocolate cake too. New yoga mat and bag. Gift certificate for yoga gear too. A promise to go indoor rock climbing soon.

The best part of the weekend for the girl was the new trampoline. I am very proud that no curse words were uttered during the assembly of said trampoline. Nary a snappy comment between the man and me. Trust me, when there are copious youtube videos describing how to avoid broken hands, you know it'll take more than a few hours to put together.

How was your weekend?