Blog Hygiene - reading other blogs

The summer bloggy clean up continues. Hurray for getting organized! And being more effective. And efficient. More fun all around, people. Forget this thing of something that's meant to be FUN starting to feel like a CHORE. The chore part for me is not only when I take on too much (I talked a bit about that over here) but when HOW I am doing things gets in the way of executing my NEW and CREATIVE ideas. 

I tidied up Twitter. Now it's time for all of the blogs that I wanna read.

Want to see what some of it looks like - my blog roll, that is? Well, you have some on the sidebar. And I have some scribbled in my journal that I have been dragging around since Alt Summit. Scribbled is the operative word.

Think I have got to all of them? Some of them? How about, BARELY some of them. Add in the ones that I keep in my head and you have a whole lot of disorganization. 

What do I want to get out of reading other blogs?

Laugh? Be entertained? Learn something? See what my friends are doing? Be inspired?

First, building friendships and community. That was one of my main objectives in starting this blog - to meet other people who shared similar interests. Some of them have become friends and I want to see what they are writing and creating. 

Second, learn something new. I write in the creative/artsy/lifestyle/design-y niche but I don't only read blogs in that category. I think it's better for my blog and for me to branch out and read something completely unrelated to what I usually write about. Stretch myself.

Third, write and blog better. Too improve my posts I read other blogs and dissect what makes their best posts work. Figure it out. Break it down. And then see what I need to do to improve my own writing.

Fourth, be inspired. Creative inspiration. Inspiration for photography, for design, for art.

Let the clean up begin

My blogroll is a mess, the little there is. I made a half-hearted attempt to set up Feedly. And haven't been back. But relying on scribbles and memory and a sidebar and Twitter and Facebook just isn't THE most efficient and effective way to follow other blogs. I KNOW that I am missing your posts. And that means that I'm not able to comment either. 

So back to Feedly it is.

And in the evenings I'll pull out my journal AND sneak off with the man's iPad to check out all of those scribbled down URL's from the ALT classes that I attended.

I'll organize Feedly into categories but I don't know about organizing blogs by how often I will check them. Some have recommended doing that - the ones you read daily, weekly and monthly. The part of me that loves the real time of Twitter also loves to comment WHILE the post is fresh fresh new. 

How about you? Can you wait to catch up on some blogs a week or two later?

Blog roll resolutions

Find new blogs. A great source of new blogs is to snoop through the comment sections of blogs that I already love to read. If someone is charming and insightful, I zoom over and see if I want to follow their blog. And of course I read YOUR blogs!

Monthly tidy up. I'll zoom through the blog roll each month and see what still fits and what doesn't.

Meaningful comments. I've always enjoyed commenting and I will continue to do so. I promise, my friends, that I will do my very very very best to say something that shows that I have actually read your blog post. And I'll also respond to your comments here either on the blog or via email or preferably both.

So any ideas from you?