Slow blogging

A few lines about what I have been thinking lately. 

It's been six months since I started this blog. It has flown by my friends, flown by. I have taken hundreds of photos, attended a blog conference, and taken classes on photography, writing, analytics, advertising, growing a readership, and social media. I've written 136 posts. Little by little I have grown a community of readers that come back to read what I write. And to look at my photos. I know, I can't believe it either - how lucky am I??!!!

I've tweaked my template, added things here and there. Rewrote my about page and tightened it up til it was as close as possible to describing what this place is all about.

I've read hundreds of blog posts of other bloggers and written many comments. Exchanged email and facebook and twitter messages. Retweeted and favourited and shared. Took road trips and plane trips to meet other bloggers. I've met so many talented people - writers and designers and photographers and artists and been inspired by all of them.

It has been a feast for me. But lately I've started to feel like I have gone back one too many times to the buffet table. I want to read it all and see it all and enjoy it all. But I have to finally admit, to me and to you, that I just cannot keep up. Not in the way that I have been. 

When I first admitted that fact to myself it killed me - what if I miss this post or that post? What if I never read this or that blog? What if I post only 3 times a week instead of 4 or 5? Will I lose readers? Will they all disappear?

It's all going by so fast. I found myself scanning your posts, posts that you have spent time writing and designing and illustrating. Skimming over the words at best or at worst, not even making it around to your blog regularly enough. I found myself with not enough time to photograph or do other creative projects. Found myself blurring the boundaries between my real life and my online life.

I cannot keep up. Not at the pace that I was going. But you know, that's okay. If anything, I'll do a better job of what I set out to do when I first wrote my "about" page.  I'll be more present in whatever it is I am doing in.that.moment.

I've started a new series called Blog Hygiene whose purpose is to tidy things up around here so that I can do what I do more effectively.

You know what I really want? I want to write and create things in this space that will engage my readers. I want to talk to you through the comments and emails and twitter and facebook. I want to share our creative lives. I want to read what you've written and created with the time it deserves. I want to have more time to make and create outside of this space. I want to hopefully inspire YOU to make and create in your lives too.

So it's time to slow down a bit. Do a little less but do those things better. Let go of a few things. Maybe add in a few others. Less and better.

So how about you? Are you with me on this slow blogging?