friday at the cottage - TV linkety-links

Another week has flown by. Confession time - I often, no I usually take on way more than I can ever accomplish. Between life stuffs, photography classes, making art, crafty things, writing, and trying to see friends and family - it's a lot. How about you? Too much on the go? It's all good - just a little TOO much goodness.

Some links to places that I have seen this past As the media maven/coordinator/chief entertainment officer around these parts I keep track of our favourite tv shows, movies and podcasts.

Nurse Jackie is coming back Sunday, April 8th!

This Sunday is the second season of The Killing. Still trying to get my hands on an english sub-titled original Danish version that will play on North American DVD players. My friend in London saw it and LOVED it. Last week we drank Harvey Wallbanger cocktails and ate chips and dip from our chip 'n dip during the premiere of Mad Men. I have been scratching my brain about what would be "Killing"-esque for Sunday. A Seattle microbrew perhaps? Ideas?

Did you know that the opening scene from Mad Men last week was pulled straight from the pages of the Times on that very day in 1966? I love love love adore that kind of attention to detail. Such respect for the viewers!

On the Mad Men theme, take a look at Paola's blog post on Don Draper's apartment. She breaks it down for you in her usual stylish way.

Another new show getting HUGE buzz that premieres on April 15th is The Girls.

What are you up to this weekend? My favourite bluegrass band, the Foggy Hogtown Boys are in town so I will be catching them for a set or two. When I lived in Toronto I'd drag the girl and the man to their Saturday afternoon family gigs at a basement bar called the Dakota at Dundas and Ossington.

Otherwise, it's Friday night dinner, taking the girl to her drama class, and a bit of yoga. And photography - always photography! Oh, and finalizing the plans for my friends' first trip to NYC. Theatre and restaurants are booked - now filling in the spaces with museums and galleries and a run or two in Central Park.

See you Monday!