I'm Sandra Harris, a food & lifestyle photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada.

Hire me to "show and tell" your story through photographs and words.

After spending far too many years putting my creative life on the back burner, I left the management consulting life, wrote my master's thesis on creative collaboration, and picked up a camera. I have yet to put it down.

Raincoast Creative Salon is the online home for what I love: creativity, art, design, and travel. Take a look at my photography portfolio. I also share behind-the-scenes peeks of my creative side projects. Living in the Pacific Northwest has provided the opportunity to study food photography with Aran GoyoagaAshley Rodriguez and Clare Barboza

Travel is in my blood and I can't live without the arts, making or experiencing. When I was 11 years old I dreamt of living in NYC. I never did but I have lived in Vancouver, Toronto & Cape Town and traveled throughout southern Africa, the US, Cuba, Europe & parts of Asia. I visit NYC twice a year for theater, galleries, museums, and restaurants. Every fall you'll find me at the Toronto International Film Festival.

I'm also making a life with the man and our 8 year old daughter who share a love for food, travel, and the arts.  We also enjoy outdoor activities like biking, snowboarding and waterskiing.

My writing and photography have been featured on Design Mom, the Jealous Curator, Design Sponge, Classic Play and Inward Facing Girl.

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My latest creative side project is Tovah Cooks where I "make modern" my mother-in-law's Mad Men era recipes.

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