Sandra Harris, food & lifestyle photographer

 I'm Sandra Harris, a food & lifestyle photographer and writer based in Vancouver, Canada.

A beautiful photograph is wonderful but combining it with words to tell your story is really what excites me. I’m curious about creative people, whether they are artists or makers or entrepreneurs taking an idea and making things happen. I enjoy the challenge of using words and images to show what makes them unique.

Food is more than some artfully arranged ingredients – it’s a gathering point for people. There’s a history behind it that is infused with the personalities who make it and the people who eat it. I make food photographs that make people’s mouths water and feel a connection with others. And that’s what food’s all about, right?

Raincoast Creative Salon is the online home for what I love: creativity, food, and travel. Take a look at my photography portfolio. Living in the Pacific Northwest has provided the opportunity to study food photography & writing with Aran Goyoaga, Tara O'Brady, Luisa BrimbleAshley Rodriguez and Clare Barboza.I also share behind-the-scenes peeks of my creative side projects.

I develop recipes, make food, and tell stories that reflect my Eastern European and Middle Eastern roots. Food IS community and family. Scroll through my recipe index to see more.

Travel is in my blood and I can't live without the arts, making or experiencing. When I was 11 years old I dreamt of living in NYC. I never did but I have lived in Vancouver, Toronto & Cape Town and traveled throughout southern Africa, Israel, Cuba, Europe, the US, & parts of Asia. I visit NYC and London annualy for theatre, galleries, museums, and restaurants. Every fall you'll find me at the Toronto International Film Festival.

My writing and photography have been featured in Vogue Magazine online, Trouvé Magazine online, Pages online, and a variety of blogs like Life in Sketch, Design Mom, the Jealous Curator, Smart Creative Women, Design*Sponge, Classic Play, and Inward Facing Girl.

Where to start?

View my photography portfolio.  See my lifestyle/design column from 2014-15 at Life In Sketch (NYC) where I used words and photographs to celebrate Vancouver area creative entrepreneurs. Get a taste of my visual and writing style in a lifestyle magazine article in Trouvé Magazine.

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You can find me on instagram. Don't hesitate to contact me. Love the comments and the banter and any collaborations. Pitch an idea - let's work together or collaborate.

Past creative side projects include Tovah Cooks where I "made modern" my mother-in-law's Mad Men era recipes. Also, my #foliophoto Instagram project that I created to get inspired and meet other photographers, artists, graphic designers and creative types.