May 13, 2013: Architect Michael Green

Photograph by  Gaile Guevara

Photograph by Gaile Guevara


I'm pleased to announce the May Raincoast Creative Salon guest - innovative architect Michael Green, TEDtalk presenter in February 2013 and advocate of wooden skyscrapers.

"I'm personally interested in real diversity, looking specifically at projects that have social conscience to them and an environmental perspective."

We'll meet for drinks and appys and then listen to architect Michael Green present and discuss an interesting riddle: why are buildings made of wood only a few stories high when trees found in nature are remarkable for their height? 

Of course there'll be a creative angle to this as well. You KNOW we can't get together without creating something! And you might very well guess that it will involve wood.

Here's the Raincoast Creative Salon newsletter if you aren't on the mailing list. And email me for the Eventbrite link. As usual, space is limited - an intimate group means more banter, more conversation and more fun!


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