November 21, 2013: Screening of Documentary Indie Kindred

In September 2013 a documentary screened in Seattle that was all about creative collaboration. Since that's one of my fave topics, I KNEW that I had to arrange for a screening here in Vancouver.

On November 21, 2013 see how Brooklyn filmmaker Jen Lee explores the possibility and potential of creative collaboration.

Ten independent artists (singer/songwriters, painters, authors and more) share stories and insights about creating their own paths, finding others with similar passions, and the surprising benefits of working together.   

Tickets are for sale here and include drinks, appy's and of course, some good conversation. 

"There was a huge focus on friendship and creative collaboration. I loved the point that even though we're independent artists, writers, photographers, and makers, that doesn't mean that we have to do everything on our own. Jen Lee talked about how the projects that we do together are only a part of creative collaboration. She said, 'Our real work is who we're becoming...the friendships are the art we're creating.' I love that." - Melanie Biehle, Inward Facing Girl
"When I was studying printmaking in college I was always surrounded by other creatives and it was so nurturing, reassuring, and inspiring. But once the confines of college were gone most of us were on our own. I think a lot of artists enjoy independence but it's also a slippery slope into self-criticism and self-doubt when we are left to our own creative devices. Indie Kindred was a profound and moving reminder of the inspiring force of camaraderie and the creative growth and freedom that comes through collaboration".           - Bradford Crowder, The Bedlam of Beefy